2021 Annual Meeting Recap

The 2021 AXP Zeta Phi Building Corp Annual Meeting was held online on Saturday, July 10, 2021.  While it was disappointing to not be able to meet in person at the Chapter House again this year, we did have a good turnout via online teleconference.  We look forward to being able to gather again in person as a Chapter in 2022.

For those familiar with the format of the meeting, we typically hear from the undergrad e-board officers, followed by the Building Corp President and committee chairs of various committees, including finance, asset management, fundraising, alumni communications, recruitment, and so on.

This year we had a special guest, Dr. David Jost, AXP National President who kicked off the meeting with an update on what’s going on at AXP National.  Some highlights:

  • Like us, this year’s National Convention was held virtually.
  • At the convention, the Fourth Landmark was amended to now read “Judgment not by externals, but by intrinsic worth; no one is denied membership in Alpha Chi Rho because of race, creed or nationality, or sexual orientation.”
  • The fraternity’s financial position remains in the black despite devastating financials during the pandemic.
  • All chapters are looking to open in the fall, but it is expected that things will look very different.
  • Dr. Jost has met with each chapter, and college deans, in 2018.
  • A study group has been formed to look at expansion of the National Headquarters.

On the undergraduate side, the chapter is trying to navigate Clarkson’s policies regarding opening the fall, but so far there has not been much concrete information given.  While everything is subject to change, at the time of the meeting, it appeared that move-in crews would be allowed in the fall, which would give the chapter early exposure to incoming freshmen.  The undergrad chapter remains in good financial position, with membership dues of about $1400 anticipated for next semester (undergrads are now responsible for payment of per member National dues and per member fees — previously these were covered by the Building Corp).

Rush has obviously been challenging for the past two semesters, with limited in-person recruiting opportunities.  While we are hopeful that things will open up in the fall, the focus will still likely be on outdoor activities.  Chapter membership is at a dangerously low point (11 members), so recruitment is a key focus area for the chapter.

Outgoing Building Corp President Jim (JD) Dreyfuss gave an update on the Building Corp’s Vision and Priorities (historical and current).  These included getting undergrad finances under control, improvements in the house physical structure, dealing with sanctions by the university, our COVID-19 response, and of course, recruitment.

Building Corp Treasurer Ken Gibson provided a financial report, and the Building Corp is currently in a strong financial position, although with declining membership and residents, we are operating right around our break-even point.

As an incentive to motivate recruitment efforts, the Building Corp is allocating $5000 to refurbish areas of the house to attract new members, and will continue to invest similar sums if the undergrads are able to recruit at least five new members each semester.  Ongoing repair projects include ceiling repair in the party room, back stairwell repair, party room tile floor repair, and back door and frame replacement.  Potential future projects include renovating upstairs bathrooms with floor drains, renovating upstairs bedrooms, re-applying attic insulation, and replacing the back deck, adding a sliding door and a BBQ area with picnic tables.

Fundraising has seen a bit of a hiatus recently due to the pandemic and focus on COVID-19 restrictions, as well as a lack of suitable projects while we get membership under control, but with the new plan to invest in making the house attractive to new recruits, fundraising is going to become more active.

Building Corp Officer and Director elections were held, and the following positions were filled:

  • Ken Gibson (’13) was elected President
  • Joe Barbera (’19) and Connor Reese were re-elected to two-year director positions
  • Bryan Skokan (’64) was elected to a two-year director position

With the Ken Gibson vacating the Treasurer position to server as Building Corp President, this does leave a vacancy in that position that needs to be urgently filled.  We could really use your help at this time.  If you feel that you would be willing to serve in this position (or another position–there are current officers that would be willing to shift into the Treasurer position if there was a brother willing to backfill them), please reach out!

Two motions were made and unanimously passed:

Motion 2021.4: Increase the room rate from $2600 to $2750 per semester that will be effective for the 2021-2022 School Year and all proceeding years unless a new room rate is voted upon by AXPZP Building Corporation.

Motion 2021.5:  Housing Payment to be due before each semester before resident is allowed to move in.

The meeting was adjourned, with next year’s annual meeting set for Saturday, July 16, 2022.


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