For Prospective Members

Why Join AXP?

Choosing the fraternity that fits you is an important decision, one that requires a great deal of thought. The fraternity that you choose will be a significant part of your life; not only while you are at Clarkson, but also after you graduate. The memorable experiences, skills and friends that you make will last a lifetime.

Alpha Chi Rho at Clarkson dates back to 1956 and the fraternity boasts nearly 1,000 alumni. The fraternity has been recognized for its leadership role on campus and has had more members in leadership positions (Class Officers, Student Senate, Interfraternity Council [IFC], Clarkson Union Board [CUB], and others) than any other fraternity over the years. 

We have a very strong alumni organization that keeps in contact with the current undergraduates to help coach and mentor them. The Alumni also keep in constant touch with one another and gather at Clarkson’s Annual Alumni Weekend each summer or planned gatherings to rekindle their friendships that started while joining AXP. Our Alumni have helped many recent graduates to obtain positions within their companies or provide important contacts. Please review the “Where our Alumni Work” Page and “Alumni Spotlight” Section to obtain an idea of the success that many of our alumni have achieved, with all citing a part of their accomplishments to skills and experiences learned as a member of AXP.     

Below are the Top 10 reasons we would ask you to review when considering joining Alpha Chi Rho:

  1. Leadership – Leadership opportunities are abound in the administration of AXP. You will be provided an opportunity to help develop strategies and the execution of your plans with other brothers.
  2.   Social – AXP’s social calendar is always full. Being part of AXP gives you the chance to take part in great events with sororities and other organizations where if you were not a member, you would likely not have the chance to meet so many new friends.
  3. Scholastic Achievement – We recognize that your #1 priority at Clarkson is to obtain a great education.  The Brothers at AXP help one another, with many of your friends typically in the same classes and working towards the same degrees. As part of the AXP National Fraternity, there are Scholarships available for members that meet specific requirements.
  4. Lifetime Friendships – Friends come and go. Being a member of AXP will be a continuing source of friendship and guidance long after having graduated from Clarkson.
  5. Networking – Lifetime membership insures that there is a large pool of alumni with whom many real world contacts can be made. AXP contacts can prove quite useful when the university days are over. The list of companies where AXP Alumni are currently employed (About Us) will provide you an idea of the great companies where our alumni can potentially help you with your career aspirations.
  6. Community Service – AXP gives back to local Potsdam community. We have an active Philanthropy Program and always looking at ways to help those in need. There is a real sense of pride and fun that occurs during the events that we either spearhead or participate in with other organizations.  
  7. Running Your Own Business – Being a part of AXP is very much like running a small business.  As a team, you elect a President, Treasurer and other elected officers. You determine your budgets, collect fees, determine and schedule social and charitable events, and perform team projects that may include improvements to the Chapter House. You will gain great and memorable experiences as you are part of the Chapter working together to develop plans and then execute upon them.     
  8.   History – AXP has longstanding and proud traditions spanning decades at Clarkson. Your time in AXP will allow you to understand the brotherhood, history and traditions and that you are part of a special experience.
  9.   Brotherhood – The one element that no other scholastic organization can give you. The feelings of togetherness and support cannot be easily described. This will be discovered for yourself as a member of AXP!
  10. Rounding Out Your Resume – Hiring companies today are looking for students that have a diverse and well rounded out resume. While academics are priority one, your time at AXP will allow you to gain leadership skills, be involved in charitable events, sports, develop social and other important skills that will be viewed very favorably.

Don’t hesitate to contact our Rush Chairman so we can address any questions you may have about AXP and help you make a well informed decision.  Please contact:

Zachary LaFlair

The Power of 2%

Fraternity men represent a very small percentage, only 2% of the male population in the United States. However, that 2% is a very powerful group of individuals. Fraternity men have gone on to hold many of the top positions in our nation, from the business world to the political arena.  Other information besides the above statistics is as follows:


  • All of the Apollo 11 Astronauts were Fraternity Men.
  • The Greek system is the largest network of volunteers in the US, with members donating over 10 million hours of volunteer service each year.
  • A U.S. Government study shows that over 70% of all those who join a fraternity / sorority graduate, while under 50% of all non-fraternity / sorority persons graduate.
  • Over 85% of the student leaders on some 730 campuses are involved in the Greek community.


Information from an article from the New York Times and other Web Sources.