2022 Donor Recognition

Thank You Donors!

In 2022 we have undertaken our first capital campaign in several years, primarily for a much needed bathroom renovation, but the list of projects continues to grow.  We greatly appreciate the financial support of our donors to ensure we keep the chapter house in not only a great state of repair, but as an attractive residential option for our undergraduate brothers.  We therefore recognize the following donors that have contributed to our campaigns in 2022!

Zeta Phi Circle ($1000 and up)

Andy ForanMartin Mazzella
Matt Dolloff

Leadership Circle ($500-999)

Matthew Lawson *Richard Boziwick
* Indicates Sustaining Donor

Benefactor ($250-499)

Anthony Palmieri Lance Pickup *
Bryan Skokan Patrick Murphy
Jay Peters  
* Indicates Sustaining Donor

Advocate ($100-249)

Anthony Carr Lee Branch
Charles Whitaker Mark Eves
Dan Kish Mark Luccitti
David Metzler Mark Strozik
David Vidoni Matt Irwin
Don Gerraputa Maurice Petrone
Ed Dacey Michael Kissel
Ed Levine Michael LaBrie
Frank Lux Michael Picciolo
Frank McAlpin Neal Garvin
Gerard Lehmann Nick Lopane
Graham Craven Paul Martini
Grant Langdon Paul Sherman
Gregory Cornett Peter Lavetsky
James Cerio Richard Campbell
James Dreyfuss Robert Dacey
Jeff Holland Ronald Streeter
Joe Artini Steven Lepkowski
John Fogarty Steven Schwartz
John Garvey Thomas Bleier
John Rintoul Thomas Zalocha *
Jonathan Ralys Tom Hanrahan
Jonathan White Vincent Guntlow
Ken Gibson * William Calder
Ken Light William Huff
Kevin Burns William Leacock
Lawrence Michelon William Thurnau
* Indicates sustaining donor


Derek Evans Jay Vandervort
Frederick Goebel Michael Etzel

So far in 2022 you have contributed $13,780.29 towards the chapter. Your support is very much appreciated! 

Last updated 12/9/22